it’s time

On Friday, after clearing out another op-shop of its jars and pudding bowls, I realised that cooking went from being “that thing I do sometimes on the weekends”  to a full blown obsession…and it was time to start a blog.

So here we are.

My aim is to keep track of the stuff I make and the places I go (books, websites or otherwise) for help and inspiration. I already regret not starting sooner as in the last few months I’ve churned out several batches of pickles, chutneys and pastes. And right now, literally right now in my kitchen, there’s a Christmas pudding steeping in brandy and milk waiting to be steamed. I even went to the trouble of sourcing, rendering and grating real suet (p.s it’s kind of gross and amazing at the same time)! 

Away we go!

it's time

Christmas Pudding, before steaming


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